Troll cabal (written on Twitter as #TrollCabal) is a virtual group of Nigerians using Twitter to advocate for social change through “harmless trolling” – i.e. mocking the country’s political drama and providing alternative engagement and criticism through humorous exchanges. It has also been described as “an online movement which parodies the happenings in the Nigerian State”.

#TrollCabal was founded in 2014 by Ikenna Okonkwo (who tweets as @FailedRift), a blogger, geologist and university lecturer, in response to the then prevailing attitude on Nigerian twitter, where so-called “overlords” who spoke on behalf of politicians dominated and distorted discourse in favour of their candidates, thereby turning the public forum to performance for their principals.

The cabal is anything but; it is a fluid agglomeration of Nigerian Twitter users from diverse ethnic nationalities, political leanings and cultural sympathies. The group’s interaction thrives on the use of sarcasm, parody, and satire in the criticism of political, social, and cultural anomalies.

The organisation is headed by a Convener elected to a one-year term via a poll on Twitter.



@Papadonkee (2017 Convener)
Husband, dad, irreverent Troll. I've fought for underdonkees all my life, and would continue doing so as #Trollcabal Convener.Read More
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@toyosilagos (2017 Vice Convener)
Part-time poet, petty coder, Sudoku player, and poll addict. First vice convener of #TrollCabal; she was appointed by @Papadonkee in
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